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Your Life Your Choice group program


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What you can expect in the program

  • An in-depth one to one akashic record reading. With a link to the recording for replay.
  • An energetic clearance to clear all blocks and restrictions for the intention you are working on.
  • 21 day personalised ‘homework’ for you to complete each day. This will help you upgrade to the new version of you.
  • Weekly group coaching sessions.
  • A unique blend of life coaching and mindset techniques to help you work through your issues.
  • A private website to hold all video lessons, coaching calls and supporting work.
  • Following the program there is ongoing support through a membership (by invitation only).


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PS For those of you who are sitting on the fence about this join my Facebook group Your Life Your Choice. CLICK HERE

It’s an opportunity to work with me for a few weeks before the program starts.

Please note this group will be archived in June when the program starts.

See You There!