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How do you connect with your Angels? This is what I tell my client’s about how to recognise their Angels through everyday events.

Keep your eyes, ears and heart open to receive messages from your Angels.  For example through a friend, a stranger, TV/radio or hearing someone give the answer your are looking for.  Or indeed listen to the advice you give to others, sometimes it’s just what you need to hear!

I like to light a candle when I work with Angels.  It’s like an invitation or a welcoming ritual. It is important to get into the habit of taking a few moments to yourself and your angles every day.  Ideally this would be in the morning before you engage with the world.  Tell the Angels what you want to focus on for the day and what you feel you will need help with.  Use positive affirmations to help you focus on a particular issue.

Children are a lot more receptive to seeing Angels.  As adults we can have more blocks with it.  I’ve listed some possible ways you might recognise your Angels.  It’s a good place to start and over time you will develop your own way too.

How to recognise your Angels

  •  A warm comforting feeling, a bit like a loving hug
  • An overwhelming sense of safety and security.
  • A ‘knowing’ that all will be well
  • Your dog or other family pet being there just when you need them.  They seem to understand just what you need from them.
  • A smell of a fragrance that just suddenly appears.  And give a warm loving feeling.
  • Repetitious and consistent gut feelings to make a certain life change
  • Feeling positive and empowered
  • Exciting ideas that energise you
  • Hearing a sentence in your had that begins with ‘you’ or ‘we’
  • A sense that someone else is talking to you even if it sounds like your own voice
  • You hear your name being called as you wake up
  • You hear the name of an Angel being said as you wake up
  • You hear knocking on your door when there is no one there
  • You might receive a message about self-improvement, helping others or doing a good deed
  • You may see sparkles or flashes of light, or coloured mists
  • You hear a song repeatedly in your head or on the radio
  • There is a loud, shrill ringing noise in one ear
  • Finding a feather, a coin, a stopped clock, or lights flickering
  • Be aware of what different plants, animals and birds symbolise.  They may pop up as a message from time to time.
  • Be aware of numbers. Angels can communicate through numbers.  Do you see the same numbers occurring when you check the time, on your phone, car number plates, till receipts….

There are lots of different ways to connect and recognise with your Angels.  The Angels will always try to use a way of communicating that you will easily understand.  For example if you like gardening they will communicate through plants or flowers.  Or through animals, your dog or numbers.  They will use those things as a way of communicating.  Just relax and let the Angel energy flow!

I hope you found this useful.  If you have any queries or comments please do email me.  It’s great to get feedback.