Join Edel O’Hanlon Advanced Energy Master and Intuitive Life & Business Mentor

Sunday April 8th 10am-4pm 

The Landmark Hotel, Carrick-on-Shannon

This workshop IS for you if…

  • You have no experience with Angel cards but are curious.

  • You have some experience with Angel card reading but wan to learn more.

  • Do you feel the Angels are speaking to you but want to learn how to interpret whats been said to you?

  • You are energetically sensitive to other people’s energy and emotions.

  • You have given readings to friends or family but want to learn how to give better readings or even become a professional reader.

  • You have noticed your psychic gifts more recently, like ‘just knowing’ or having strong feelings about things.

  • You are ready for guidance and communication from the Angels and Spirit.

Benefits of attending this Workshop

  • You will know how to read Angel cards intuitively.

  • You will reach a beginner, intermediate or an advanced level of Angel card reading.

  • You will easily identify your psychic skills.

  • Know how to practice and develop your intuitive gifts.

  • Feel empowered to start earning an income as an Angel card reader.

  • Cleared of all energy that no longer serves you.

  • Feel and be more connected to your higer self and Spirit.

  • You will be fully intune with your gifts and intuition.

I took this Intuitive Angel Card Reading workshop with Edel on the 22nd October last.  I’ve had no experience with Angels before this. It was a brilliant course, well planned out and carried out. Packed with information that we could bring home and read over to fully grasp it.(I even got a gorgeous wee cert at the end of it) Edel is very good at passing on her knowledge in a way that is easily understood. 

There was a wonderful energy in the room the whole day 🙂  Since the course I have really connected with my cards (that Edel graciously gave us all as a gift) I feel a presence with me while I hold them that is always very comforting. I would highly recommend this workshop for anyone who has an interest in learning more about Angels, to do this course with Edel 🙂 

Frances Leanord

Advanced Intutive Angel Card Reader

I was very impressed with what Edel had included in the course. She offered much more than techniques to interpret the cards. She included atunements to reconnect communication between the heart and third eye, and connect with our truth as it is. Thank you Edel well impressed.

Siobhan McKenna

Advanced Intutive Angel Card Reader

Watch this 5 minute video below then scroll down to read exactly what’s involved.

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Part 1 – Beginner Reader

10am-11am  €35

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Meditation to ground and centre everyone.

Learn how to choose, clear & connect with your Angel deck

Learn when and how to use 1 and 3 card spreads

There will be some time for a short practice of reading for others


Part 1 & 2 – Intermediate Reader

10am-1pm   €175  (Value is €350)

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Recieve a gift of a deck of Angel Oracle Cards.

A Y◊D Attunement to awaken intuitive gifts.

Learn how to use the knowledge of the chakra system to read Angel cards.

Learn how to lay your reading table to invoke the support and guidance from the Angels and the elements.

Practice giving and receiving readings.


Free 11 minute MP4 video on how to set up and prepare for your reading.

I will share techniques I use to explore and develop your intuitive gifts.

Part 1, 2 & 3 Advanced Reader

10am-4pm €400  (Value minimum of €850)

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Following the beginner and intermediate training we break for a light lunch.

We start Part 3, your Advanced level training with a meditation to cleanse and clear all blockages and any energy that no longer serves us.

Learn how to use knowledge of the four elements to give a much deeper reading.

Learn how to use the seasons to interpret guidance around relationship, money, health and career questions.

Second attunement:  to further connect you to the realm of Angels, guides, gaurdians and healers. I will also bring the protection of the Angels.

Learn how to explore and strengthen your ability to manifest abundance in your life.

Practice giving and receiving readings

Group clearing and healing at the end of the day.


Free 12 minute MP4 video with a more indepth look at spreads and how to set up a frame of reference for your readings.

Free 10 minute MP4 video on how to identify timing and life cycles in your cards.

Free 9 minute MP4 video on how to read the symbols you see in the cards.

30 minute individual distance healing from Edel to open your third eye so you can develop a stronger connection between your intuition, your Soul and Spirit.  

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