Learn how to heal yourself with Reiki Healing Training

Work with me Edel O’Hanlon Advanced Energy Master and Spiritual Life & Business Coach


  • Working with me you get one to one training focused on your needs and experience level.

  • My Tera Mai Reiki healing training includes your energy attunement and a Reiki healing from me.

  • I hold my intensive Reiki Healing Training in my home, in Longford. Monday – Friday during school hours. 

Reiki Level 1 Healing Training

Reiki healing works by gently releasing blocks and encouraging your energy to flow freely again.  Allowing you to experience your life fully.

Reiki Level 1 healing training is based on an an understanding of how the body, mind, emotions and spirit are connected.

When we have imbalance or issue with any of these bodies it’s because our energy is blocked in some way. 

During this one day intensive you will learn about the concept of spiritual healing and how it can impact you on a practical level. 

During Reiki level 1 healing training we focus on healing our physical body first. 

Reiki healing is a wonderful journey which I would love to guide you through.

Price €247




Reiki Level 2 Healing Training

Reiki symbols are taught at this level 2 Reiki healing training. 

We use Reiki symbols as keys to access universal energy for healing. This energy is a much higher frequency and is a totally new level for the Reiki healer.


Reiki distance healing is also taught. This is a ‘magic’ of Reiki healing where time and space have no control over your reiki healing. With Reiki distance healing you will learn how to send healing in the present, the past and on into the future. This is an incredible skill to be able to use.



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