Learn how to read Angel cards intuitively 

By the end of this course you will …

  • Understand how to recognise your own intuitive language within the cards.
  • Be able to choose, clear, connect and read any deck of oracle cards.
  • Learn and use my techniques to read cards and ground them into your own readings.
  • Be using your journal as a ‘go to’ for your growing repertoire of Angel card knowledge.
  • Have 3 simple and 4 advanced spreads in your tool kit.
  • Understand how to recognise chakra system
  • How to read symbols, timing and body language with the cards
  • Grow on a conscious and subconscious level as a reader

If you have any queries about this course email me on edel@edelohanlon.com

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Earn a Living with Energy Healing online course 

By the end of this course you will understand how to

  • Write your own business and marketing plan.
  • Design your own unique client journey.
  • Be aware of possible pit falls and know where to get support.


  • Lesson 1: Write your Business Plan.
  • Lesson Two:  Help Clients Find You
  • Lesson Three: Day to Day Business
  • Lesson Four: Client Journey
  • Lesson Five: Self Care
  • Lesson Six: Bring it all together
  • Lesson Seven: What Next?

Each lesson is in video, with text included so you can print it out if you prefer and make some notes. Where appropriate there are also printable files attached e.g. the business plan document, useful links, flow charts etc

This is clear practical and grounded advice, based on what I’ve learned personally being self-employed since 2005. When I started first all decisions felt like big ones and I would spend way too long weighing up the pros and cons of each one.

You cannot succeed if you don’t take the first step. Remember it’s okay that you don’t have all the answers. Just take one step at a time and take this course to support you.

This course would be most useful for Energy Workers, Angel Card Readers and Complementary Therapists who want to start their own business or if you’re already working for yourself but realise now there is more to business than you first thought.