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The Reiki Box is a lovely simple healing technique that my clients love!

As a Reiki Practitioner and trainer I have a Reiki Box working most of the time.

As well as being an amazing time management tool for Reiki healers, a Reiki box gives really effective Reiki distance healing.

The Reiki Box is a great way of sending healing to many people all at once. You can either use your Distant Healing Pyramids or just have a list of people you are sending healing to at the moment.

Some healers and clients like to put in photographs of the people whom you are sending healing to.

The box can be made of anything. Cardboard, wood, plastic etc but my preference would be one made of a natural material. I like using wood. And I will pop in a rose quartz crystal as well.

If you wish you can decorate the box with pictures of Angels, Ascended Masters, or who ever you prefer to work with. The idea is to reinforce the healing power of the Reiki Box by using symbols or pictures that carry a high vibration.

You can also put in a picture of the Earth into your Reiki box to send it healing.  Or a map of a location which needs help. For example Syria and it’s people would benefit from Reiki healing right now.

When you send Distance Healing to your Reiki Box, the healing will be sent to whoever is in your box.  Whoever needs the healing will accept the energy.

Understand that Reiki healing energy is never wasted.  If someone declines healing for whatever reason then that healing will be passed on to someone else in need.

During my Reiki 2 healing course I will give all students the attunement for Distant Healing.  The Reiki Box is just one of many techniques I teach.

If you are interested in learning more about Reiki or Angelic Healing book yourself into my next Essential Soul Healing session.

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