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The Friday Connection is for the business owners, start ups, those in training and for just regular old fashioned healing!

The purpose of this is so you can wrap up your week. The good and not so good. And to set your intentions for the following week. You will need to be a member of my Thinkers and Doers Facebook Group to join in 
Let me connect with you this Friday 10am. I will go live to let you know I’m ready.
To take part what you need to do is…
1. Breathe – in for 4, hold for 4, breathe out for 4 (do this x 3)
2. Call in the energy you want to work with
3. State the issue or intention you want to work on
You can call in your guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, use preferred Reiki symbols or call in Spirit. You choose who you want to work with.
Then say ‘Hi’ to me in the comments so I know who is taking part. You can state your intentions if you like but it’s not necessary.  I will use your names to connect with those who are present.
I plan to amplify the work you are doing. You may feel a surge in energy or feel a little light headed as the frequency increases. Try to stay with me for the 30 minutes. Use this as a way of consolidating the your week and setting your intentions for the next. Wrap up your week and move on.
I can accelerate your healing work or help to make what you are trying to manifest a reality quicker. If at any time you want to amp up the frequency then do the breathing routine again. It will also help you stay focused. But I wouldn’t do it more than a couple of times in the half hour.
You may get downloads so try to stay in a receptive mode.  Have pen and paper to hand in case you want to jot something down quickly.
Just so you know I downloaded all this information, image and text for a complete blog post during an energy session I did last night.
So The Friday Connection is for general healing for the group but if you connect with me, I will link up with your and your intention, so I can amplify and magnify the energy going to you.  
Please share this with friends you know who would like to take part. If you are already a member of my Thinkers and Doers Group then just invite them. I will see all member requests to join.
Exciting times! Looking forward to Friday 10am See you there!  Remember to join my Thinkers and Doers Group