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So what is a Clarity Call?

A clarity call is a 30 minute opportunity for you to connect with me. You get to be real about your problems in a confidential non-judgemental space and receive guidance on which of my services or online courses will serve you best.

There’s no charge for this call but don’t underestimate the value you’re getting.

  • You get to make a connection with me before purchasing.
  • When you purchase you will know it’s right for you because we’ve discussed it while focusing on your specific problems.
  • I treat this call as I would for a paying client. I prepare for it, I show up for you and give it 100%. 
  • If I feel my services or online courses are not your best way forward I will tell you. 

Your clarity call is about you finding the best way of working with me that will give you the results you want.

It is not:

  • A free coaching call.
  • An opportunity to pick my brains for free.
  • A chat just to feel that spiritual buzz and then not take any action. 

Right now you can schedule one clarity call with me at no charge. Any subsequent clarity calls will be charged at €65 per session.

No charge to you does not mean there’s no cost to me. As I say, I prepare for this call as I would for a paying client. 

When I block my diary for your no charge call it blocks that slot from a paying client. 

This business is how I make a living, please be respectful of that. Please do not book this call if you have no intention of working with me or purchasing my online courses.