Akashic Alignment

Have years and years of wear and tear on your soul caused you to loose touch with who you really are? 

Akashic Alignment is so much more than just a reading. It’s a transformational process where you consciously align to your true self in order to create the life you want. I will guide you through this conscious process of getting to know and understand your inner reality so that the world around you transforms to deliver your deepest desires.

This transformational process is for you if …

  • You are feeling stuck.
  • You are putting in a lot of effort but nothing seems to change.
  • You feel you have very little control over what happens in your life.
  • You are on a cycle of misalignment with your money, career, relationships and health.  The same issues keep cropping up over and over again.

The key to changing all this lies much deeper than you realise. I know that  forces beyond your control are influencing your life.  I have the tools and the abilities to work through and clear up these forces, I can work on these energies on your behalf with an Akashic Alignment session. 

Your Akashic Alignment includes

  • I will access and read your Akashic records to determine your Soul’s personality, Divine gifts and life purpose.
  • During our call I will explain exactly what it means for you and how you can use this information to create happiness and abundance in your life.
  • I will send you a link to the recording of your reading so you can refer to it any time you wish.
  • You will receive a personal prayer that you will need to read daily for 21 days. This will help to consolidate all changes into your energy field.
  • I will contact you after 7-14 days of your reading to see how you are getting on with any changes we discussed.

Benefits for you

  • The information I share with you will be life changing.
  • You will see yourself clearly and understand how you work on the inside.
  • You will know what changes you need to make to be in perfect alignment with your soul gifts and purpose.
  • This guidance will be a roadmap for you to use in any future situation.
  • Depending on what I find in your reading I will give you guidance on practical changes you can make to your daily routines and lifestyle.
  • Issues covered in lifestyle guidance can be around exercise, how you spend your money, how you communicate with others and within your relationships.

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Join me for an Akashic Alignment session and see what giant steps you can take in getting to know and understand the ‘real’ you.

I invite you to consciously create your life.

Please Note

  • I charge €345 for this session (the value is much closer to €475).
  • Once you make your payment for your Akashic Alignment session you will be directed to make your appointment for your reading with Edel O’Hanlon.
  • Appointment confirmations and reminders will be sent.
  • Please understand that as I do the majority of the work before our session, payments are non-refundable.
  • All sessions must be used within 3 months of the payment date.
  • A payment plan is available which once committed to must be completed. 
  • All prices are quoted in Euro.

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I look forward to helping you transform your life!