Akashic Alignment

This is my core Akashic Alignment reading and coaching session. 

In these sessions I help you live and take a stand for your own personal unique truth and to see yourself for who you truly are.

This is a transformational reading and coaching session. Only do this if you are ready for change.

All of the Akashic work stems from these Akashic alignment sessions.

Price €397

Akashic Alignment Intensive Program

This 4 week intensive Akashic program is a fast track to your transformation.

Let’s jump in with both feet and just do it!

Decide where you want to go with it and then hold on to your hat! 

Price €1,497

Email me to discuss if this is the right choice for you



6 Week Coaching Support

Okay so you know what you need to do but you need me to hold a space for you as you go through it. 

This can be done with or without Akashic Alignment work.

Includes a weekly coaching call, email support, distance healing and journaling work. Whatever it takes to get you across that finish line! 

Price €747



Property Clearance 

This is for when ‘home’ doesn’t feel like ‘home’ anymore.

Sometimes things do go bump in the night.  Properties can change along with the people who live in them and events that happen there.

When a major life change happens or you go through significant personal growth there can be a mismatch of energy in your home.  The energy of the home needs to be cleared and updated to the new version of you that’s living there now.

I don’t need to visit your home as I can tap into the energy of your home remotely. Once I’ve cleared the energy of your home I’ll feedback to you with what I found and anything you need to be aware of. 



Don’t keep me a secret!