Soul Realignment

Soul Realignment is an Akashic record reading that will discover the specific blocks and restrictions that prevent you from being who are you are meant to be.  It will show you what events in your past are still influencing your behaviour and levels of success now.

This is a reading and clearance at Akashic Record level that will assist you to stand fully in your power.

Discover who you really are, what Divine gifts you were born with and what your Soul’s purpose really is.  By using your Divine gifts fully you can learn how to create an abundant life.

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Property Clearance

Generally we are attracted to properties that are vibrationally aligned to us.  However as we change or the people we share the property with change there can be a mismatch of energy.

Sometimes we have little choice over where we live and have to settle for a place that is not our first choice.

Property clearance is a way of keeping our homes energetically aligned with the energy of those living there.   It ensures your home will support you in living the life you want to live.

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Life and Soul Coaching

Life and soul coaching is a specific package for people who feel stuck in a rut but are ready to make changes.  By combining Soul Realignment with Life Coaching I offer you a unique package that will help you realise your Divine gifts and use them to live in abundance.

I will only take you on as a client if you…

  • are ready to make changes now
  • take responsibility for creating your life
  • are willing to take specific new actions

Change can feel uncomfortable. Sometimes a little scary.  But if you want a different outcome in life you will need to take different actions.  I will coach you through all of it so don’t worry.

I will help you clear all the blocks and restrictions that are affecting your life in a negative way.  And show you which soul characteristics serve you best in manifesting abundance in your life.

A Life and Soul coaching package is over four weeks.  Contact me for more details

Angel Therapy

Angel Card Reading