Property Clearance


Previous owners/occupiers will leave their energetic imprint on a property.  Whether that is positive or negative energy, you may not feel too comfortable with it.  After all you want to feel ‘at home’ in your home.


A property clearance can be done for your home, your place of business or your workplace.

I do not need to be physically present  in the property to clear it.  Once I receive your payment for a property clearance I will contact you for a few details.

I will need the full address of the property to be cleared, the name of the person who has energetic ownership of it and a few details on why you want the clearance performed.

Once I complete the property clearance I will contact you again to let you know what I found and perhaps suggest a few things you might be able to do to maintain the new vibrational energy of your home or property.

Contact me with any queries by email at


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