Intuitive Angel Card Reading – Advanced Level


Part 1, 2 & 3 Advanced Reader

10am-4pm €400  (Value min €850)

Following the beginner and intermediate training we break for a light lunch.  We start Part 3, your Advanced level training with a meditation to cleanse and clear all blockages and any energy that no longer serves us.

At this Advanced Reader level you will learn how to use knowledge of the four elements to give a much deeper reading.

You will learn how to use the seasons to interpret guidance around relationship, money, health and career questions.

You will receive a second attunement:  to further connect you to the realm of Angels, guides, gaurdians and healers. I will also bring the protection of the Angels.

You will learn how to explore and strengthen your ability to manifest abundance in your life.

There will be time to practice giving and receiving readings

I will be doing group clearing and healing at the end of the day.

Bonuses include:

Free 12 minute MP4 video with a more indepth look at spreads and how to set up a frame of reference for your readings.

Free 10 minute MP4 video on how to identify timing and life cycles in your cards.

Free 9 minute MP4 video on how to read the symbols you see in the cards.

30 minute individual distance healing from Edel to open your third eye so you can develop a stronger connection between your intuition, your Soul and Spirit.

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