Chakra Analysis Reading


A Chakra Analysis Reading will show you what chakra blocks and imbalances you have in the emotional, mental and physical body.

Understanding this you can work out what specific choices and changes you will need to make in your life.

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Let a Chakra Analysis Reading help you to experience maximum abundance & live your Divine soul purpose.

When I log into your Akashic Record I can do your Chakra Analysis Reading.  I will gain a detailed view of your Charkas on a

  • Physical level
  • Emotional level
  • Mental level

I will be able to see which of your chakras are holding imbalances and blockages.  These are normally due to over activity or neglect in the different aspects of your life.

It will give you insight as to how your current lifestyle and interaction with other people can impact on you.  Knowing this will help you understand your own thoughts and behaviours better.  And how the flow of abundance in your life can be encouraged or hindered.

Once you understand which chakras are out of balance you can decide which choices and changes you will need to make to realign your chakra system.

Having a chakra system that is balanced and in alignment allows you to experience abundance in your life.  And it allows you to live your Divine soul purpose.

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