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Self-Study Courses

High Vibe Home

High Vibe Home

Allow the frequency of your home to support you and your intentions for the future.

Let it go self study course

Let it GO!!

YOUR why and how of cutting ties & clearing old stagnant energy.

Read Angel Cards Intuitively

A comprehensive course that shows you exactly how I read Angel cards intuitively.

By the end of this course you will …

  • Understand how to recognise your own intuitive language within the cards.
  • Be able to choose, clear, connect and read any deck of oracle cards.
  • Learn and use my techniques to read cards and ground them into your own readings.
  • Be using your journal as a ‘go to’ for your growing repertoire of Angel card knowledge.
  • Have 3 simple and 4 advanced spreads in your readers tool kit.
  • Understand how to recognise and read the chakra system in the cards
  • How to read symbols, timing and body language with the cards
  • Grow on a conscious and subconscious level as a reader
Read Angel Cards Intuitively