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Do you make your choices at Soul level? Or do some of your choices make you feel sick in your gut for some reason but you are not sure why?

When you think about it, when it comes to making choices we can only make one choice at a time. So we should take time to consider how it feels and and ask ourselves ‘will I be happy with this?  I would always say ‘go with your gut’. Instinctively you will know what the right choice for you is.

Ask yourself ‘Does this feel right? ‘Will I be comfortable with this choice? The answer should always be ‘YES’. Our Souls have come to earth to have a human experience.  There is no right or wrong choice that will suit everyone.  We are all different.  Choosing to experience our lives in different ways.

Please understand that there is no ‘path’ that is set out for you to follow.  There is no one way laid down for you.  There are countless ways in which you can experience your life.  You should choose your own path.  And experience your life here, as a Soul on earth, in the fullest possible sense.

This is what I have learned from reading the Akashic records.  When I do a Soul Realignment reading I can tap into the records of a soul (with the permission of my clients obviously).  I can determine the make up of a Soul.  As in the personality of the Soul and how it prefers to express and experience itself.

If you know how your Soul prefers to make choices and take action, it makes life a whole lot easier.  Knowing how your Soul works best gives an incredible sense of freedom and excitement in life.

It encourages you to stand fully in your power and experience your life to the fullest.  This is what I have experienced.

Since I started reading the Akashic records the flow of my life has just gotten easier.  I know and understand myself so much more. And now making choices is exciting as I no longer experience fear or dread when I have a tough decision to make.

As a result I would love to share this experience with others.  If what I write resonates with you then contact me.

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