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What if your life just flowed in perfect alignment with what you want?

With Living Universal Law there’s no need for disappointment, not getting what you want, being afraid of failure or feeling stuck. Create your very own personal alignment plan today.

Are you ready to learn how to

  • Get into alignment with what you want from your life
  • Build out an aligned plan
  • Make it real in under two hours
universal law online course

Learn how to do small things in a big way Living Universal Law


Tell me if this sounds like you?

You’ve heard of universal law but you’re not sure what it means.

You’re ready to make changes in your life but how would universal law fit in with that?

Edel O'Hanlon

You know you want to experience your life differently.

But how would universal law help you to experience your life differently?

Edel O'Hanlon

Plus how would you even know if you were doing it right?

You don’t want to waste time and energy on making changes that don’t work!

Edel O'Hanlon

But what is there was a tried and tested way I could share with you that will guarantee you stay in alignment with what’s important to you?

That’s exactly why I created Living Universal Law. So you could understand what it’s all about and have a fool proof plan. Complete with a built in feedback loop to help you stay on track.

In just two hours this training will show you how to

  1. Understand three really powerful universal laws & see the huge difference they can make in your life when you work with them
  2. Know how to stay on track or course correct because you have a fool proof feedback loop aka the law of attraction
  3. Have complete balance with your divine feminine and masculine aspects. (I’ll explain what all that means too cool )

Right now, you’re struggling to find balance between the ‘real world’ you live in and the spiritually aligned authentic abundant life you want to live in. … You want to find balance without feeling ailenated.

Edel O'Hanlon
Edel O'Hanlon
Edel O'Hanlon

Imagine if you could find that balance in a really practical easily understood way.

A way that does’t make you feel a little odd, or make your family and friends think you’ve lost the plot.

Imagine finding a way of authentic living that makes sense to you and the people you want in your life. A way of feeling comfortable in your skin. A way of feeling at home no matter where you are.

Or if you need to know more then read on …

Hi I’m Edel O’Hanlon, self-employed Spiritual Life Coach, trainer and alternative therapist for the past 16 years. Prior to that I worked as a registered nurse for 14 years.

In my own personal experience, I only really understood Universal Law after I tried playing with it in real life. I applied it practically and saw it for what it was.

I always knew there had to be more to life. But when I searched for answers there seemed to be the few ‘spiritually elite’ who held all the answers. I found the trainings I attended would either be so grounded in the physical they completely bypassed the emotional/mental/spiritual bodies.
Or they were so ‘spiritual’ they might as well be on another planet they were so far removed from reality. Using all the buzz words but lacking substance.

Living Universal Law online course

Living Universal Law Curriculum – This is what you can expect from this online course.

Edel O'Hanlon

Training video explaining the three universal laws you need to work with to really get aligned. Packed full of practical life examples so you can see how it might work in your own life.

By the end of this video you will understand what universal law is, why it is important and how it makes a difference in your life.

I’ll teach you how to know when you are doing it right. There’s no point wasting time and energy on making changes if you are not properly aligned in the first place!

Edel O'Hanlon

An audio recording of this training so you can listen to it while walking, commuting or when doing tasks when you can go on auto-pilot. Sometimes the best answers pop into our heads at this time. So why not take advantage of it!

Edel O'Hanlon

Virtual Spiritual Life Coaching video  I will walk you through the questions in the Living Universal Law Workbook, giving you learning points, examples and prompts as you go through it.

The fastest way to do the work is to press pause to complete the questions and play when you’re ready to move on to the next section.
∞ I will help you drill down to figure out what is really important
∞ what you need to know to understand what is authentically you
∞ decide what it is that you want to align your thoughts, emotions and actions to.

This is a fillable workbook which makes it easy for you to save and go back to it when you want to make any changes. And in three or six months time you can use it again to start your next aligned plan. This fillable plan will work hard for you.

Edel O'Hanlon

This Spiritual Life Coaching session is also available as an audio recording for you to listen to at your convenience.

Edel O'Hanlon

Trello Board training video shows you how to put your aligned plan together. If you’re a visual learning and like to see everything about a project in one spot, you are going to love Trello boards!

Edel O'Hanlon

Introduction to Momentum a gentler way of staying focused and keeping on track, when you are aligning to something new. showed me a way out of the daily grind to a place of peace and contentment! The world isn’t as complicated as we think!

Living Universal Law

Start today! as in right now!!

Who is this for?

Edel O'Hanlon

Something has shifted. You know you’re awakening to a different world. The global pandemic, environmental issues, corruption being shown for what it is…

You just know there is a better world and you want to align with it today.

Edel O'Hanlon

Someone who has recently experienced a significant life change. Such as a serious health issue, loss of a loved one or a relationship break-up.

Your ‘old’ life is no longer in alignment with you. It’s time to create a new life around who you are now.

Edel O'Hanlon

Someone who has simply changed. You woke up one morning and realised you have outgrown your life.

You feel a deep need for something different. More meaningful. More satisfying.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get help beyond this online course?

Yes. You will be invited to a Universal Law Masterclass at no charge where you are welcome to ask any questions you may have. If feels right for you September 9th we begin the one month Unlock Your Soul Foundation Program.

How is this different from other courses?

It’s totally different. I have a lifetime of experience and knowledge to share with you, in my own unique combination of gifts. My work is always grounded and shared in a very easily understood way. 

What is the refund policy?

The refund policy is no refunds available. There is plenty of information available to you prior to your investment.

When can I get started?

Right now. Today. As soon as you purchase your Living Universal Law online course you get access. 

How long will the course take me?

It should take you about two hours to consume all the content and complete your workbook. Somepeople work faster others like to take their time.

However, you choose your own pace. You will get the most out of it that way. Plus you have access from any device for the length of the life of the course.

How do payments get processed?

You can use paypal or credit cards online. You will receive immediate access to your course once your payment goes through.  

Refund policy

The refund policy is no refunds available. 

“I’ve done more in 2 months with Edel than I did through years of intermittent counselling. My only regret is that I didn’t start sooner.”

Celene CK

I find your communication skills excellent. You communicate so clearly and logically and I really love this especially around the subject of energy and angels etc. You have a wonderful ability to put language & sense on this subject in a most beautiful way.

Living Universal Law


Start today! as in right now!!