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Karma. It is interesting to listen to people talk about Karma.  Sometimes when a person does or says something nasty to you, a friend will say ‘oh Karma will catch up with them’. ‘What goes around comes around’.

But the way I look at it I don’t see Karma as balancing of ill deeds. I believe when a person’s energy is vibrating at a particular frequency they will send out energy at that vibration, and the universe will return more of the same to them.

Karma is really our feedback system from the universe. When our energy vibrates at a particular frequency say love, fear, happiness or anger the universe will return more of the same to us.

So it really is a case of like attracting like as opposed to an eye for an eye.  So if a person is being nasty to others, then it is very likely that something nasty will happen to them. But purely on the basis of that is the frequency they are vibrating at.

I believe the best way to avoid negative energy or nastiness coming our way, is to raise our own energy vibration.  We can actually attract what we want into our lives this way. So we can literally choose what we want in our lives and make choices that will attract sort of energy into our live.

Likewise if we are unhappy with any aspect of our lives we can look at the emotions around it.  We can see what choices or actions we took to attract that into our lives.  Then we can actively choose different actions and emotions to bring in the energy we want to replace it.

It really can be that simple.  The emotions with the highest frequencies are love, joy and gratitude. These three would be a good place to start.  The more energy we send out at that vibration the more the universe will return to us.