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Essential Soul Healing Community

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Power up your transformation within this supported community of individuals who are changing their lives.

  • Create a natural rhythm in your life using the cycles of the moon. 
  • A time to plan, take action and a time to breathe, to clear and reflect.
  • Women have been working with cycles since forever.
    It makes sense! 🙂

Click the button below to join for a month or to stay indefinitely ♥

Using a unique method crafted over many years experience.

Essential Soul Healing came into being because my clients were experiencing this deep need to heal as they evolved on emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

I work with essential oils intuitively to channel unique healing protocols that will enhance any work you do on yourself. Even if it is simply to stop and begin to understand yourself.

The oils work incredibly well alongside Angelic frequencies in helping you heal, clear old stagnant energies and ground in your new way of being. Perfect for a complete beginner right up to a healing master.

I loved it Edel. I literally felt a weight lift off me during it, I slept great and I feel really good since. Thank you.

I’m still settling back into my bones and working through the last healing …I need recovery time! It’s powerful stuff! Loved the shifts it’s brought for me including a 3-week staggered marathon decluttering and swapping rooms about. Thanks again Edel & great healing tonight 

Edel uses her intuition and finely tuned skills to tune into her client’s energy field, working energetically to clear blockages and patterns to bring about positive change. I have enjoyed learning the different essential oil protocols as well as experiencing Edel’s angelic healing virtually.

Hi Edel, I want to state my gratitude…I can only say the healing I have received through your essential soul healing programme has been profound. I feel so much stronger in myself, happier and a total feeling of renewal. I am truly grateful to you and your help always.

The essential soul healing brings me balance, clears my head and creates a space that helps me move beyond the place I have healed myself. I have felt it stops the emotional rollercoaster I can get stuck in …….It gave me protocols that established…… and are now part of my daily self-care routines ….. I find it helps me create and maintain a good place in myself! ❤️

I first came to know Edel when I got an interest in using DoTERRA oils. When she mentioned she was going to combine the oils with soul healing I was interested to trying it out because I love how the oils smell and make me feel. Knowing that you could incorporate the oils in the healing and that they can increase the affects and benefits more made me excited. So, I decided to join the essential soul healing and what I got from being a part of it is amazing. I get to connect more intuitively and it has shown me how to deal with negative and positive energy and get through my days and weeks with more ease and just be me. I’m still learning but love every session I do. It makes me be more confident, calm and peaceful in myself so thank you Edel 🙏

I would highly recommend Edel’s soul healing sessions. Edel has a wonderful ability to connect with each client’s individual needs. I am very impressed with how Edel combines essential oils with her energy work and feel the combination of both enhance the healing. Edel is very generous with her information around the emotional benefits from the various oils used in each session which is invaluable. I would highly recommend her healing sessions and are well worth the money.

Thank you for the healing session last night Edel. It felt very peaceful and harmonious.

I found it really nice connecting with Edel and the group during the guided essential soul healing sessions. Using the essential oil protocol daily helped me to focus on my own healing process and what was surfacing for me. I felt supported knowing that Edel had my back during with the clearing sessions. These were really helpful and always gave me a sense of transformation, release and letting go of stuff I no longer needed. Thank you 💕

How this can come together for you?

  • On each new moon we connect live via zoom for an Angelic Core Healing® session.
  • You will receive a unique monthly healing protocol focusing specifically on the needs of our membership group. 
  • I will connect with your higher self individually to channel healing. You can intuitively plug in for the healing you need.
  • As a member you receive ongoing energetic support through the month. Including a clearance on the full moon.
  • You will have access to recordings of the monthly healing sessions and a selection of healing oil protocols inside the Edel O’Hanlon teachable school.
  • It’s not essential for you to have oils, you will still receive the healing you need. The oils are optional.
  • You can choose to purchase a monthly subscription or a one-off session.

An essential part of this membership is your feedback on how your month evolves for you.  This can be shared inside the Essential Soul Healing membership.  I love to hear from my clients and it’s an important piece of how I tap into what you need in the next healing session.

I would highly recommend Edel’s soul healing sessions.  Edel is an amazing coach, teacher, mentor, genuine person who has so much knowledge and wisdom. Edel has such a wonderful way of connecting with each client and their individual needs. Edel is very professional in her work certainly knows her job. She combines the essential oils every month with the soul healing sessions which gives each client an extra layer to their healing.

I personally think this combination worked so well for me as I always love the oil but since doing the soul healing sessions with Edel I have gained so much knowledge on the oils on a deeper spiritual/energetic level and I had amazing experiences in using them as instructed.

Edel is always there to support and answer any questions that may need to be clarified.  She puts in so much time and energy to each and every one of her clients including myself.

The soul healing sessions and worth every penny and u will not be disappointed. Me personally the healing and clarity I have gotten so far has been what I needed. I cannot thank Edel enough so far for all her healing, support, teachings, coaching, knowledge and the wisdom. I have to say I am in a great place, gained so much knowledge which is always a positive and the oils can be used over and over again. Also, the oil protocol is given, clearance on the full moon and the feedback to the group. It’s really is too good to miss out guys grab the bargain while u can I promise u it will be the best money u spent on yourself.

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