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I’m going to take the weekend to chill out . I do it to recharge my batteries and to take time to reflect on where I am at the moment.

It’s something I do every few weeks. Just to take some time out for me.


Because sometimes when we go through a lot of change, do a lot of work or events, and there’s always family stuff … things happen so fast ever now and again we need to stop and catch our breath.

Maybe join me to take some time out to consider where you are and what your next steps are going to be. Any of you who are following me for a while will know and recognise this pattern .

Because you will see me very busy and lots of videos, doing training, new courses and webinars. And then I’ll just dip out for a few days to gather my thoughts and recharge my batteries.

So I’m just saying ‘hello’ and letting you know what I’m doing. I will be back on Monday, ready to take on new projects.

As always my akashic record readings are my favourite thing to do. I’ll always be working with my akashic record clients. Learn more about Akashic Record Readings here

But for those of you who are interested in my learn how to read angel cards intuitively on line course, my monthly training webinars for students of the course is coming up this Thursday April 4th. Email me if you would like to join in with the group.

So if you would like to join in for that then make sure you purchase the course in the next few days.  Of course you can get the course and do it on your own, no bother, but students do say they get through the work a lot faster and their understanding is greater when they take part in the training webinars I do.

Anyhow I hope you enjoy the weekend and get a chance to take some chill out time. I will be back again on Monday with lots going on for you : ) Chat then. 

PS Sign up now if you’re interested in my Learn how to read angel cards intuitively online course.



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