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Okay so this week I’m going to take a step back. Breathe.

The last few weeks were full on with my free mini challenge The Business of Energy Healing and launching my online course Earn a Living with Energy Healing.

So this week I’m going to breathe! I’m going to concentrate on grounding and realigning my energy.
When I was studying Angelic Core Healing, as part of our training we had to commit to one hour of self-healing each day. We connected and aligned to the energy of the Angels and of the Ascended Masters.

It felt so good to get all that healing and to feel grounded at the same time. But I have to admit when the last few months got really busy and I was really pushed for time, I stopped my daily healing. And now a few months down the road I really notice the difference.

I suppose it’s a bit like playing a musical instrument. When we connect every day it’s wonderful. But when we don’t practice we get a bit rusty and lose our sparkle!
Why don’t you join me? Take some time each day to connect and realign your energy. Let me know how it feels….