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How to integrate Palo Santo Sacred Wood into your self-care routine

Palo Santo Sacred Wood has traditionally been used to purify bacteria from the air and to clear any negative vibes in your space. The smoke has both...

Excerpt from Eternal Echoes by John O’Donohue

I was struck by this excerpt from Eternal Echoes by Irish author John O'Donohue. Each one of us is alone in the world. It takes great courage to...

Client Testimonial-Essential Soul Healing

I received this testimonial from one of my Essential Soul Healing clients recently. I would highly recommend Edel's soul healing sessions.  Edel is...
A little bit about Edel O’Hanlon

A little bit about Edel O’Hanlon

So what is it about Edel O'Hanlon? I feel I should tell you a little about my background so you know I’m coming from a place of experience and ‘know...

So what is a ‘clarity call’?

So what is a ‘clarity call’?

So what is a Clarity Call? A clarity call is a 30 minute opportunity for you to connect with me. You get to be real about your problems in a...

“I love your Blue Lotus tea! … It gave me such deep restorative sleep. I will definitely be back for more!”

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