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Stress and anxiety show up when there is a misalignment between how we live our lives and who we are deep down, at a soul level.

I believe social media can feed this misalignment.  Everyone seems to be on some sort of social media….Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. I do feel people believe that they have to be, that they will miss out if they don’t check in constantly through the day.

It’s that fear of missing out. Feeling like you are on the outside looking in. But what starts to happen is that we compare our lives to what we see and if we have any unhealthy or negative beliefs what we see in social media starts to confirm them. What we see starts to drive that wedge between who we really are at a soul level and the life we feel we should be living.

But if we change our habits around our social media usage it can reduce the negative impact it has on us.

  • For example leave your phone downstairs overnight. Wait until you get up, do a few stretches and have coffee before you pick up your phone.
  • When you meet a friend for coffee have an actual conversation with them. Leave your phone in your bag.
  • Switch your notifications OFF.

Watch my video to find out more about this.

I’m working on three unhealthy beliefs with me clients at the moment.

  • ‘I can’t do this. I’m not good enough’
  • ‘Change is difficult’
  • ‘Leave well enough alone’

I’ve done three free coaching videos so you can work through these beliefs and see where you stand with them.

It’s not until we look at our beliefs that we realise what an impact they have on us.

Just remember it’s your life. Your choice. We only get one shot at this life so we should make it as happy and fulfilling as possible.

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