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You may not even be aware of this but every time you make a choice based on what other people think, instead of following your own intuition, you are in fact creating negativity for yourself.

Following your own intuition is key to getting into alignment with your soul or higher self.
Sometimes, if we have spent a lot of time pleasing others or letting other people make decisions for us we can find it difficult to start making decisions again or even knowing what we actually want or like anymore.
It takes practice.
If you find it difficult then just start with smaller decisions. Day to day stuff.
Ask yourself questions like…
🦋 Is this me?
🦋 Do I really like this?
🦋 Does this feel right?
🦋 Does this make me happy?
You will know the answer straight away. Don’t overthink it. But what is not you then simply let it go.
When we go against our own will or judgement it only creates negativity. This can show up as frustration, fatigue, feeling disgruntled, hard done by or unfulfilled.
Using this simple technique helps to give you clarity. Day to day life will become easier and have more of a natural flow to it.
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