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Sigils are primarily used in Magic of various types and not always used for good intent.

However Angels of Light will not and cannot allow their energy signature or sigil to be used for harm.

Using the angelic sigil will bring forward the spiritual qualities of that Archangel. So you can call on a particular Angel to bring forward their particular qualities when you need them 💖

For example you can call on Archangel Michael when you need courage, confidence or protection. Archangel is also a powerful healer so you can call on him for healing if it feels right to you.

Archangel Raphael can be brought in for healing. Archangel Ariel has a strong elemental quality and is connected to animals and nature.

So sigils are like a signature of the Angel. It’s both a way of recognising them and giving us a key to access their energy specifically. If you want to work with the energy of a specific Angel you can use the sigil of that Angel to connect with them.

When I want to learn about the energy of a particular Angel, I can them in and sit with their energy for a while. Then I can ask them to amplify it if I find it difficult to feel it or I ask for it to be toned down if I find the energy too strong.  I don’t always use or need to use a sigil to do this but if I have a sigil available then I will use it.

I don’t see much written about Angel sigils so I just thought I should share this with you.  Let me know if you use sigils or how you prefer to tune into the energy of different Angels.

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