About Edel - Soul Realignment Master
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Hi, I’m Edel O’Hanlon

A master of in Soul Realignment. I feel I should tell you a little about my background so you will know I’m coming from a place of experience and ‘know-how’.

I worked as a nurse for fourteen years before becoming self-employed, opening my business in 2005.

I’m still here after the crash in 2008 and right up to the pandemic we’re experiencing now. So I must be doing something right!

Basically that’s thirty years working with people who need guidance and support with getting from A to B.

Going from problem to solution.

Edel O'Hanlon
My gift is great for drilling down and finding the nib of your problem so we can unlock the very best of YOU.
It’s Soul Realignment at the various levels, and at it’s deepest level I access your akashic records to unlock your soul level information.

Natural intuitive gifts alongside grounded professional training.

Here are some of the qualifications I have:

💎 Soul Realignment
💎 Angelic Core Healing
💎 Life & Executive Business Coaching
💎 Reiki Healing Master
💎 Foundation in Counselling and Psychotherapy
💎 BA (Hons) Business Studies
💎 Diploma in Higher Education
💎 Tapping
💎 Angelic Healing
💎 Integrated Energy Therapy
💎 Dao Yin Tao
💎 Reflexology
💎 Registered General Nurse

When you work with me you get a lifetime’s worth of experience and know how.

I understnad everyone is on their own path and they need different things from me at different times in their life. That’s why I offer a blend of short online courses, group programs and one to one coaching with Soul Realignment.

It’s up to you where you start but I can recommend my private Facebook Group Unlock Your Soul as a pretty good space to be in. Request to join the group here.

Hang out with our very active and supportive community, and soak up what you need.  There might be a course or a program that catches your eye. 

But if you want to take it a step further with Soul Realignment you can book a clarity call with me here.

I look forward to working with you.

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