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This is a time of polarity.
What’s happening this year, right now, is the law of polarity in action.
Where people are migrating to the poles of an argument, of a solution, when taking action, speaking out.
There is very little middle ground at the moment.
This is not necessarily a bad thing.
It could be a good thing.
It will help people to get clarity on what they stand for. Their beliefs. What’s their version of right and wrong.
It helps a person find a more true version of themselves.
A true identity.
The Law of Polarity states that everything is on a continuum and has an opposite.
There has to be darkness so that we might appreciate Light. We can see and feel the difference.
For one to exist the other must also exist.
🙏 So if you feel scared or stressed about the virus, remember whatever you are feeling ~ the opposite must also exist.
You can move into that space.
Interesting times.
Stay safe 💜