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So what is it about Edel O’Hanlon?

I feel I should tell you a little about my background so you know I’m coming from a place of experience and ‘know how’.
I worked as a nurse for 14 years before becoming self-employed, I opened my business in 2005. And I’m still here after the crash in 2008 and now the pandemic, so I must be doing something right!
Basically that’s 30 years working with people who need guidance, support and help with getting from A to B.
Going from a problem to a solution.
I’m good at drilling down and finding the nib of your problem so we can unlock the very best way of helping you get what you want.
👉It’s Soul Realignment at various levels, at the deepest level I access your akashic records to unlock your soul level information.

Edel O’Hanlon: A blend of natural intuitive gifts and and some grounded professional training.

Here are some of the qualifications I have:

💎 Soul Realignment
💎 Angelic Core Healing
💎 Life & Executive Business Coaching
💎 Reiki Healing Master
💎 Foundation in Counselling and Psychotherapy
💎 BA (Hons) Business Studies
💎 Diploma in Higher Education
💎 Tapping
💎 Angelic Healing
💎 Integrated Energy Therapy
💎 Dao Yin Tao
💎 Reflexology
💎 Registered General Nurse
When you work with me you get a lifetime’s worth of experience and know how.
I understand everyone is on their own path and they need different things from me at different times in their life.
👉👉That’s why I offer a blend of short online courses, group programs and one to one coaching with soul realignment.
It’s up to you where you start but this Unlock Your Soul Facebook page is a pretty good space to be in 😀

You’re welcome to join me in the Unlock Your Soul Facebook group –

Hang out there with us and soak up what you need. There might be a course or a program that catches your eye.

But if you want to take it a step further with Soul Realignment you can book a clarity call with me here 👉