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Reiki level 2 works with a much higher energy vibration. Therefore achieving more noticeable results in healing and increased abundance in business and life areas.

I often see training courses advertised that focus mainly on the details and techniques of Reiki healing.  But they seem to forget to show how it works in real life. And how it will help you experience increased abundance in your life and business.

I have made a list of 7 business and life areas that experience increased abundance and profits just by adding Reiki Healing to their services.

  • Holistic therapists i.e massage therapists or reflexologists
  • Beauty Therapists
  • Female entrepreneurs
  • People looking for a career change
  • Animal lovers
  • People who are working on their own personal/spiritual development
  • Those looking for abundance in their lives

People who work at level two Reiki are professional therapists or energy healers. Over the years I have seen people who attended my Reiki Level 2 training achieve healing and abundance in their business and life in general.

  • Holistic Therapists – many therapists who offer holistic massage, hot stone therapy or reflexology want to add Reiki healing to their list of therapies they can offer to their clients. Reiki can be used as a stand alone one hour treatment or a reduced time, say 30 minutes, added on to a therapy you already offer. It makes for a great treatment for your client which will encourage repeat bookings.  Also it will help the Therapist stand out from others in a competitive market.
  • Beauty Therapists – again add on Reiki healing to their existing list of treatments available. But do you know you can actually ‘Reiki’ your products to enhance their performance? Seriously any liquid or cream can take Reiki energy. Can you imagine offering a Reiki enhanced facial. (Obviously do not use Reiki on medications, or anything that could prove harmful to a person if it’s potency was increased significantly)
  • Female entrepreneurs – you know you don’t have to work as a healer to use Reiki energy.  First of all level one is all about self healing. If you are a female entrepreneur you need to have your personal stuff sorted so you can get on with business.

Then at level 2 you will learn about space clearance and setting energetic boundaries. If you have an office where other business colleagues or customers come for meetings etc you will want the energy of your office and business organised around you and your business needs. There is a specific Reiki symbol I can teach you that will clear your office of any stagnant or discordant energy prior to meetings.  This will improve the results of those meetings.

  • People looking for a career change – Some people just know there is more to life.  That they want a career where they can genuinely help others and make a career out of it.  When you really love what you do at work, it just stops feeling like work.  It becomes fun.
  • Animal lovers – Yes we can give our lovely pets and animals Reiki healing! Dogs and horses especially love Reiki healing.  They have similar energy bodies to us humans. And they are very receptive.  There is a real niche for Animal Reiki Threapists.
  • People who are working on their own personal/spiritual development – Reiki 2 is a real step up in self healing. I focus a lot of attention of the Chakra system. We work through each chakra looking at how it affects or day to day life. How it shapes the life we live. Then we work on healing those areas that are blocking us from moving on in our life.  It is a very simple but powerful approach to self healing. Also the great thing about Reiki is that you don’t need to discuss any personal details if you don’t want to. Reiki will heal you anyway.
  • Those looking for abundance in their lives – Following on from the point above. Once you know your chakras and what aspects of your life they affect, it becomes easier for you to focus on what you want and make it happen. For example your three lower chakras are all about our experience on earth. About making things real. So say you have a dream of opening a business or creating a particular sort of home for yourself. Then we must look at the sacral and base chakras. The sacral chakra is all about creativity and the base is about making ideas into a physical reality.  So we use Reiki to clear any blocks or restrictions stopping you. Then work on setting intentions and mindset.

Reiki is truly amazing energy. It is as flexible and creative as we allow it to be. We sometimes stand in our own way.  We can easily use Reiki to increase abundance in life and business.  It’s a universal energy that is always available to us.  We just need to tap into it.

If you would like to know more about my upcoming Reiki Level 2 Workshop CLICK HERE.