Learn how to make changes fast and with confidence.

Learn how to make changes fast and with confidence.

  • If you don’t work on yourself now you will continue to feel stuck and nothing will change

  • Issues with anxiety and low self-worth can arise when there is confusion around who you really are at a soul level.

  • When misaligned with money, career, relationships and health the same problems keep cropping up over and over again.

I do understand how easy it is to lose track of who you are. How not knowing your purpose can be a source of frustration and that knowing of ‘there has to be more than this’ keeps popping up at the back of your mind.


 To date I have coached 42 clients through the Akashic alignment process.

 Clients testimonials always mention the huge transformation process I can take you through. 

 I offer ongoing group coaching support for members of my signature group program.


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Step 3 If you cannot wait for my group program there is an option for a 1:1 Akashic Alignment session or 1:1 Intensive program.

 Your Life Your Choicemy 4 week Program on how to

make change fast and something you choose to do

rather than dealing with all that fear and angst.

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