How you express your own unique WAY OF BEING determines everything.

Unlock Your Soul

Once you understand the flow of energy behind your every thought, emotion and action, your life will take on a whole new way of working without limits.

Is there is a gap between how you live now and how you feel your soul wants to express itself?  Because where there is pain, lack, struggle, frustration or fatigue there is always separation from your soul’s purpose.

“Our work has touched me on every level. I expect this process will continue for a few months yet. But our work has really helped me to become unstuck. You have taken me so much farther and faster than I was able to do on my own. Thank you.”

As a spiritual life coach my gift to you is to guide you through your awakening.

The Unlock Your Soul Foundation Program showed me a way out of the daily grind to a place of peace and contentment! The world isn’t as complicated as we think!

I have witnessed such huge transformations already. Let me introduce you to the possibility of a life that is fully expressed.

Edel O'Hanlon

10am Wednesday 1st December

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Join me for this informal meet up, to ask your questions and learn more about how my work can help you. 

When you have the information you need, it’s a whole lot easier to make a plan cool

(There is no charge for this session)

Are you ready to dive fully into who you really are deep down and create the amazing life that is already available to you? If the answer is ‘yes’ then you should work with me.

Essential Soul Healing

Supported healing space for individuals who are changing their lives.

Are you someone who has simply changed? You realise you have outgrown your life, and have a deep need for something different, more meaningful. It’s time for change.

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Unlock Your Soul Foundation Program

This six-week foundation program gives you FREEDOM and CHOICE. Having clarity and understanding will help you remove any blocks and limiting beliefs that may be having a negative effect on your life right now.

It will give you choices you didn’t know you had. Read more about the Unlock Your Soul Foundation Program CLICK HERE.

Self-study online courses

A path to YOU! Empowering you to create an aligned authentic abundant life that you want to live.

Self-study self-paced online courses & workshops. Click Here to go to the Edel O’Hanlon Online School