Soul Realignment through the Akashic Records is transformational.
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Each one of us carry our own unique frequency. How you choose to express it determines your inner and outer reality.

My gift to you is to guide you through your awakening.

  • Learn how to recognise and understand your frequency and that of the world around you.
  • Understand how to align it with your soul’s purpose.
  • Learn how to become the alchemist of your life. And make it amazing!

Unlock Your Soul Facebook Group!

This private group offers support and community for those interested in soul level healing.

You are most likely already aware of the 5th dimension and this group will help you embody that frequency in your daily life.

Every Monday 8pm GMT I share a live angel card reading for the week.  This reading will support us, alongside daily live videos, training and regular 3 day challenges.

If you purchase any of my courses, or are thinking of purchasing them, you should join this group. 

Unlock your soul facebook group