Soul Realignment through the Akashic Records is transformational.
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This is all about YOU! Helping you become the most wonderful, unique version of you.

Individuals like YOU hire me as a guide, as you deep dive to unlock your true personality, strength and soul level gifts. The information I unlock for you will help you create the life or career YOU JUST KNOW should be yours.

How deep we go depends on you.

  • What do you want?
  • When? What could you do in just 3 months?
  • How badly do you want it?

Because everything you want is waiting for you. It’s just a choice you need to make. Do you take action or stay stuck?


Edel O'Hanlon

Praise of Edel O’Hanlons work in Soul Realignment.

Caroline Grimes

I just knew there was something from my past that was holding me back. I didn’t realise I’d been carrying all that baggage for lifetimes! I feel much lighter now and I’ve got a clear path ahead of me.

Mary Farrell

What I learned from soul realignment was life changing. But the ongoing support and guidance was the key. I found that invaluable.

Sinead Flanagan

I instinctively knew I wanted to change but felt like I was walking through mud attempting anything. The work I completed with Edel was exactly what I needed. She guided me through each step I needed skillfully and in a way that empowered me to trust my inner knowing.

I am well on my way to creating the work life I aspired to achieve. I’m totally in flow and loving it. I highly recommend investing in yourself and working with Edel. It will return to you tenfold.

Mags McManus

I’ve cleared away all the crap that was holding me back.  I’ve got clarity now.  I know what really matters.

Jennifer Murdoch

Our work has touched me on every level. I expect this process will continue for a few months yet but your work has really helped me become unstuck. You have taken me so much farther and faster than I was able to do on my own. Thank you.

Siobhan McKenna

I was drawn to the Soul Realignment to help me understand why I found it difficult to move forward in some areas of my life. I wanted to know more about my purpose in the world at this time, and in turn develop the gifts I was born with.

Through the process I was made aware of past and present life experiences that were affecting me. I had a very powerful healing experience on the final day of the process. I have learned a lot about myself and feel that I have learned to appreciate and value myself more and focus on the present.

Through engagement with the Akashic records Edel has given me practical tools to assist me in my own personal growth and development. The process has been amazing and I would strongly recommend the whole experience.

‘I had no idea how deep your Soul Realignment work could go. Or how far reaching it would be’

Lucia O'Byrne

Edel has been an amazing support. Diligent and always to the point. Best “soul searching” I’ve done in a long time! Highly recommend soul realignment.