Soul Realignment

soul realignment

Soul Realignment is an Akashic record reading that shows up any blocks, restrictions, curses, vows, past or present life attachments, negative entities or any other issues that are affecting your life now.


Your Akashic record reading will discover the specific blocks and restrictions that prevent you from being who are you are meant to be. Discover who you really are, what Divine gifts you were born with and what your Soul’s purpose really is. Soul Realignment is the result of your Akashic record reading and healing that I do.

I will be able to tell you about your energetic personality and gifts at soul level.  These are the things you were made to excel at.  And the things that once you implement strategically will bring about abundance and enormous shifts in your life and lifestyle.  It is quite literally an energetic roadmap that shows you how to create abundance in your life.

Once you purchase your reading I will email you for some basic details that will allow me to access your Soul’s records on your behalf. I will determine your Soul’s gifts and ‘personality’, Soul purpose, work out your Soul stories in this life and past lives.  I will then complete a full clearance of all blocks, restrictions and negative influences that are hampering you in living to your full potential in this life.  It’s effectively giving you a clean slate energetically.

There will be some homework for you to do over the following 21 days that will continue any clearing work needed for you. It can take 5-7 days to have your reading ready for you.

We then get together for your one hour reading, over the phone or face to face. If it’s on Skype I can send you a recording of the call.  I will also write up the most relevant information gained from the reading and email that to you so you can refer to it again.

Whats makes your reading most successful is a clear intention for the reading.  You need to be clear on what aspect of yourself or your life that you want to work on and the outcome you want to achieve.  I will ask for this intention before I start the reading. Following the 21 days I will make contact with you again to see how you’re getting on and adjusting to changes your are making.

So if you are ready to make a change and learn what secrets your Akashic records hold for you then maybe you should have Soul Realignment reading done.

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