Chakra Analysis Reading

Chakra Analysis Reading

Come work with me… See what secrets your chakras hold!

With your permission I will tap into your Akashic Record and do your Chakra Analysis Reading.  I will gain a detailed view of your Charkas on a

  • Physical level
  • Emotional level
  • Mental level

I will be able to see which of your chakras are holding imbalances and blockages.  These may be due to over activity or neglect in the different aspects of your life.

It will give you insight as to how your current lifestyle and interaction with other people can impact how you live your Divine soul purpose. Knowing this will help you understand your own thoughts and behaviours better.  And how the flow of abundance in your life can be encouraged or hindered.

Once you understand which chakras are out of balance we can work out what specific choices and changes you will need to make to realign your chakra system.

We want to get a healthy balance and realignment back into your chakra system.  Why? Because doing this allows you the maximum experience of abundance in your life and allows you to live your Divine soul purpose.

This is a real life example …

I had a client who was over active in mental and emotional bodies of the sacral and heart chakras.  She was a self employed woman with a family who was actively pushing a new aspect and changes in her business. When I say over active it’s an understatement, she was actually in hyper-drive!  Now at first glance you would say okay that makes sense. She is actively creating within her business, and is emotionally invested as it’s her own business which provides for her family.

However, that can all be good from a creative aspect in the short term.  I could see from her reading that there was a very real and imminent danger of her burning out very quickly. This would be a disaster for her business.  As she was already so invested in her business and it provided much needed finance for her family.

Understanding the danger of burn out my client quickly made changes.

  • We came up with a few different ways of how she could ground herself when she felt herself going into over-drive.
  • She committed to taking time out just for herself to recharge her batteries and balance her chakra system.
  • She made two or three changes to her work, in a physical way.

This is a huge part of the puzzle. We can be an emotionally and mentally taken up with an idea. But physical inaction can cause a blockage.

If we don’t take the first step to physically change something it will never get done.  The energy gets blocked, backed up and we become overwhelmed!

This is the reason I love doing a Chakra Analysis Reading. I will be able to explain why you have difficulties in certain areas of your life.  I will be able to give you guidance on how to unravel the blockages and get your Chackras back into alignment. This is a really exciting move for you to take right now!

Once payment is made I will ask for a few basic details about you that will allow me access to your Akashic Records.  I aim to have your reading emailed to you within three days.

I am really looking forward to working with you! Buy Now