Akashic Awakening

This is a comprehensive 6 week program that includes Akashic record readings, energetic clearing and weekly healing and coaching.

Week 1

Before our first call I will complete an Akashic record reading that will identify any blocks and restrictions that are affecting your life right now. These can stem from present or a past life. I will compele a full clearance prior to speaking with you so healing will begin immediately.

I will also be be to identify your soul gifts and personality.  This is a real assest as once you understand how you work at a soul level you can begin to make changes at a physical level. When you live in alignment with your soul gifts life becomes much easier to undertand, which in turn allows you to create the life you want.

We start with a one and a half hour Skype video call to discuss what I found in your records. This is when we clarify your intention for the next 6 weeks and make a plan of action for you.

You will start your 21 day prayer homework this week. This prayer I will create for you based on what needs clearing and healing in your records.


Week 2

During week two you will continue with your daily prayer while I support you with a distance healing session specifically focusing on your intention. You will have full email support this week where you can email me with any questions or issues that come up for you.

Week 3

This week I will perforn an Akashic record reading I call a situational reading. This is where you give me a list of all the negative things or anything really that is bothering you right now (absolutely everything) and I will consult the records to see what energetic statement or issue is underpinning them. Sometimes there can be just a couple of things that need to be adjusted for the rest of the issues and frustrations to fall away. This call would be for one hour.

Week 4

Again I will send you distance healing specifically focusing on your intention. You can email me with any questions or issues that come up for you through the week. Also this will be the week you give me feedback on your 21 days of the clearance prayer.

Week 5

A third Akashic record reading but this time focusing on your intention. I can look at how you make things happen energetically, so can help you on what behaviours or changes you can make so you can create more easily.

Everyone has specific gifts and traits that allow you to fall into alignment with your soul and your purpose for this lifetime. Knowing what your gifts are and working through them creates a much easier and enjoyable way of experiencing your life.

Because you will have completed your 21 days of homework this is a perfect time to start working on your Divine gifts. I will also make sure you understand how we create our lives starting at an energetic level.


Week 6

This week we will have a 45 minute wrap up session. We will review all the new actions you’ve taken, results and how you feel about it all.  We can also look at how you are planning to move on with the work you have already started.

For the six weeks I will hold a space for you energetically. This means I will consciously focus on your intention and hold the frequency of that coming into your life. This is a massive energetic support for you while you are taking action.

Please Note

  • I charge €997 for this program (the value is much closer to €1,450).
  • Once we agree to go forward with this program we will book in all appointments so we have a framework to work to. These can be changed if something crops up at the last minute but I like to keep a focused plan if we can.
  • Please note as I will do the majority of the work before our sessions, payments are non-refundable. All sessions must be used within 3 months of the start date.
  • A payment plan is available which once committed to must be completed. 
  • All prices are quoted in Euro.