Angel Sigil are like keys that make the energy of the Angels more available to you.


The symbols on the pendants are the energetic signatures of the Archangel Michael and Archangel Raphael. 

When you wear these Angel Sigils you tune into the energy of that Angel so the communication channels

between you and your Angels begin to open up.


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Energy blockages and imbalances tend to hold lower frequencies.

Wearing these sigils helps to raise your energy frequency to that of the Archangel you are aligning to.

And as you begin to raise your frequency the blockages and imbalances of the lower frequencies begin to fall away.

Archangel Michael will …

  • Protect us from danger
  • Give us courage and confidence
  • Ensure safe travel
  • Help us cut any negative ties

The Archangel Michael pendant is 20 x 26mm

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Archangel Raphael energy will …

  • Give healing to the sick
  • Guide nurses, doctors and healers in their work
  • Helps to heal mental and emotional stress
  • Eases anxiety

Archangel Raphael is 25 x 25mm.

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I hang one of each Angel Sigil pendants in my healing room to keep the energy frequency at a high level for my clients.   

Two of my customers who are also Energy Healers shared these pictures with me.


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